Creative Expertise

Creative can be powerful. With it, we strengthen positioning, enhance image, increase awareness, create a need and influence the bottom line. But first, it must impact its intended audience. At Set?Communicate!, we excel at our creative expertise.

Our Three Steps to Your Marketing Solution 

Analysis & Review > Strategic Approach & Methodology > Targeted Creative

Your marketing communications project deserves the three steps we take to ensure successful outcomes for your marketing goals. The analysis and review we perform correlates with the expanse of your project. The broader your marketing communications needs, the more in-depth we will go with our analysis and review.
Once we receive the answers we need for your marketing communication project, we develop a strategic approach and methodology that are supported by the analysis and review findings. This strategic approach is the springboard for the targeted creative that becomes the solution to your brand marketing communications needs.

Step 1 — Analysis & Review 

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!In today’s unpredictable marketplace, we understand and respect our clients’ budgeted resources for research. Our extensive backgrounds and years of experience give us the know-how to retrieve the necessary information on which to base our strategic approach for our creative solutions.
• Quantitative research + analysis
• Qualitative research + analysis
• Audience evaluation + analysis
• Analysis of client’s position in the marketplace
• Analysis of client’s Brand Identity
• Analysis of client’s current marketing tools

Step 2 — Strategic Approach & Methodology 

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!Once our questions have been answered, we develop a strategic approach to the methodology we will use to solve your brand marketing communication needs.
• Utilize the research, reviews, interviews and analysis
• Review target markets, competitors, product
• Review existing marketing communication avenues
• Adhere to the marketing communications budget parameters
• Turnkey project management

Step 3 — Targeted Creative

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!We call it “targeted” creative because we create your brand marketing communications solution based on the analysis and review of your needs. We develop, create, design and write solutions targeted to your unique marketing communications need.
• Memorable positioning direction
• Development of targeted creative brand messages
• Theme direction, creative conceptualization, art direction
• Graphic design
• Copywriting, copyediting
• Photography, illustration
• Production of all traditional and digital layouts for client review
• Design and art direction of all typography
• Art direction, creative direction and digital production of all graphics

Brand Marketing Communications Solutions Focused on Your Results.

Our Set?Communicate! team built our reputation on stand-out creative marketing campaigns that are firmly rooted in brand marketing strategies that support our clients' marketing communications needs. We work to learn what makes you, our client, unique in your market before we make creative solution recommendations on how to solve your brand marketing communications needs.


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