Case Studies

NC State University Intensive English Program Website Development + Multilingual Recruitment Brochures

Intensive English Program at NC State University

The Challenge

North Carolina State University’s innovative Intensive English Program (IEP) required a new website to act as the primary recruitment tool for non-native English speaking international students living primarily in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The new website needed to engage potential students who speak with varied English language proficiency skills. The IEP staff’s ability to manage the website content was a critical component in the front-end development stage.
The print recruitment brochures work as leave behinds for IEP recruitment counselors to prompt international students to visit the IEP site. The creative “look and feel” of the website and recruitment brochures established the IEP-specific brand while operating within the NC State brand parameters.

Intensive English Program at NC State University The Solution

Set?Communicate! created the new user-friendly IEP website to resonate visually with potential international students from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Through the site, international students easily access the information they need to learn how the NC State IEP meets their needs to be more English proficient within a university setting. The IEP recruitment brochures drive international students to the IEP website while providing an overview of the Intensive English Program, the Raleigh/Triangle area, as well as the North Carolina State University campus and its programs.

The Results

Since the new website and brochure launched, international student inquiries have risen and offered positive responses about the new site. The IEP staff is pleased to have this as a reliable and exciting recruitment tool. They find it easy to work within the content management solution.


UNC Charlotte Levine Scholars Brand Identity, Positioning Themeline and Marketing Materials

Levine Scholars Program at UNC Charlotte The Challenge

UNC Charlotte’s Levine Scholars program was established in the Fall of 2009 to immediately begin accepting students for the Fall of 2010. In order to publicize the new scholarship program and receive qualified applications from across the United States by a time-sensitive established deadline, the new brand identity, marketing materials and website had to be concepted, designed, written and printed within a tight deadline. 

Levine Scholars Program at UNC Charlotte

The Solution

Set?Communicate! was retained to concept, design, write and deliver the Levine Scholars new brand identity, new “Connect. Transform. Make a Difference.” themeline, marketing materials and website within the allotted time-sensitive established deadline. Set?Communicate! created a critical path production schedule to establish a timeline for project goals.

The Results

The program’s marketing, public relations and website initiative launched on the established deadline date. The Levine Scholars program received more than 1,000 qualified applications from students across the United States and enabled the program to successfully enroll its first class of scholars.

Exceeding Client Expectations

“The response from top students from around the country was more than we could have envisioned. Their credentials are at the very highest echelon, which made the selection process very difficult because of the quality of the individuals and the group as a whole.” Charlotte Business Journal April 2010 — Philip Dubois, Ph.D. Chancellor UNC Charlotte


Macon State College Brand Identity, Strategic Marketing Plan, Admissions Recruitment and Image Branding Campaign

Macon State CollegeThe Challenge

Macon State College was a non-residential metropolitan college that offered high quality, affordable baccalaureate and associate degrees to the residents of Central Georgia. Macon State faced multiple challenges: to dispel its old ‘jr. college’ image and increase awareness in the Central Georgia region that it offers 4-year professional degrees of great value and is part of the University System of Georgia.

The Solution

Set?Communicate! was retained by Macon State College to: • Review quantitative research • Perform an ‘Image Assessment & Brand Review’ through qualitative research • Review Macon State’s existing position in Georgia and Central Georgia • Develop a strategic marketing plan • Develop a brand imaging direction and an image branding statement • Shoot Strategic Recruitment Photography • Develop a creative theme for the ‘family-look’ of the new branding materials • Create a new Institutional Brand Identity • Create and produce a new Admissions Recruitment Campaign. 

Macon State College

The Results

The new Brand Identity, Positioning Themeline, Strategic Recruitment Photography, Admissions Recruitment Campaign, and Multimedia Advertising successfully and quickly dispelled the the old Macon State image to significantly increase awareness of the institution’s offerings. Macon State College: The University System of Georgia, "It’s right here. Our 4-year degrees. Your career."

Exceeding Client Expectations

“Working with Set?Communicate! means a pleasurable process with exceptional, on-target results.” — Bill Weaver, Director of Communications, Macon State College


Johnson C. Smith University Marketing Research, Strategic Positioning, Execution and Brand Identity

Johnson C. Smith UniversityThe Challenge

Johnson C. Smith University, one of the nation’s oldest and strongest Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), questioned whether their identity and success story was familiar to the fast growing high school and adult/parent populations.

The Solution

Set?Communicate!’s Marketing Research and Strategic Positioning program included extensive key interviews of university stakeholders; a review and evaluation of existing data; a qualitative focus group; a thorough community-wide adult/parent quantitative telephone survey and the final research evaluation. 

Johnson C. Smith University + Set?Communicate!

The Results

Johnson C. Smith University moved forward with knowledgeable confidence as they planned for the future. Set?Communicate! developed the Logo Brand Identity, which emphasized “Smith” and the “Surround Yourself with Success at JCSU” theme line that accurately portrayed the university and their story to all local, regional and national audiences. The "Surround Yourself with Academic Success at JCSU" spoke directly to the high school students, their parents, influencers and potential donor populations.

Johnson C. Smith University +Set?Communicate!The Challenge

The Statistics

Johnson C. Smith University's freshman applications increased an average of 5-10% annually, utilizing the materials developed by Set?Communicate! since 1989. Set?Communicate! packaged and made Johnson C. Smith University’s $50 million capital campaign memorable. The “Vision Shared” campaign was completed with $63.8 million — 127% of goal.

Exceeding Client Expectations

“Set?Communicate! has changed the outside world’s view of Johnson C. Smith University. They’re passionate about their work and you can always depend on them. I will not work with anyone else.” — Dorothy Cowser Yancy, Ph.D. President (1994-2008) Johnson C. Smith University currently President, Shaw University


Mississippi Valley State University Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Campaign

Mississippi Valley State University + Set?Communicate!The Challenge

Mississippi Valley State University is an HBCU located in Itta Bena, Mississippi. The university required an undergraduate admissions recruitment material campaign to clearly align with the strategic goals of the university and its new president while communicating with potential students and their influencers.

The Solution

Set?Communicate! was retained to concept, design, create the themeline, and write the new undergraduate admissions recruitment campaign materials. The campaign included background research and an on-campus strategic recruitment photography shoot. 

Johnson C. Smith University + Set?Communicate!

The Results

Set?Communicate! presented three creative conceptual solutions, including theme lines, for the new recruitment materials. Mississippi Valley State University chose the cover design with multiple photos of students engaged in various aspects of university life. “Transform your Dreams into our next Success story.” was chosen as the new themeline. Each spread inside the 24 page and pocket folder cover Viewbook contained current student photographs and a “Valley Success Story” quote. The new campaign launched in the Spring of 2012. The Admissions Recruitment Campaign Materials included: • Viewbook • Search Piece • Individual College and Program Brochures (seven) • First Generation Parent Guide Brochure • High School Counselor Poster with a Reply Device • Undergraduate Academic Catalog Cover • Undergraduate Admissions Application • Outer Mailing Envelope.


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