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Redefine your institution to be memorable at Set?Communicate!

Your website may well be the first place that people turn to seek information about your institution and programs. It’s important that what they find is a true reflection of your brand.

This is your opportunity to welcome them into your community with interesting visuals, compelling text, up-to-date information and intuitive navigation. A visit to your website should be an enjoyable experience with the takeaway of valuable information and a memorable positive impression. 

Let’s Talk About Your Strategic Priorities

Our process at Set?Communicate! begins with a conversation to learn more about what’s important to you, your institution, your programs and your audiences. Through our questions and your answers, you’ll be able to clarify, redefine and articulate any lingering thoughts or challenges you might be facing with your current website. And we’ll dig deep and come up with solutions that support and enhance your priorities. 

Levine Scholars Program at UNC Charlotte

The Visual Look & Feel of Your Site is Critical

The look and feel of your website must capture the attention of your audience and draw them in for a closer look. Your goal should be to keep your visitors on your site for as long as possible, and they will stay if you give them an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

At Set?Communicate!, our background in creating compelling and memorable graphic design, website development, copywriting and photography lends itself to creating your unique web presence that will engage your audience and call them to action.

Redefine your institution to be memorable at Set?Communicate!Your Second Level Pages Need to Be Top Level on the Importance Scale

Once your visitor leaves the homepage and follows your intuitive navigational path, you want them to stay engaged with your offerings and your institution’s unique brand. The secondary pages and beyond should keep your institution’s brand memorable and in front of your visitor, while maintaining the consistent high quality of your homepage.

Your content management system and user-friendly navigation will lead your visitor deeper into your website. As they seek more information, you can expand their knowledge base of your institution by helping them weave in and out of their interest areas.

Your institution’s colleges, divisions, programs and organizations will need their offerings of expertise to be showcased on your institution’s website. It is possible for them to each display their own identity while remaining true to your Institutional Brand Identity. 

Johnson C. Smith University + Set?Communicate!

Manageable Content Management Should be a Must-Have

At Set?Communicate!, we know that your institution's website development should take into consideration your ability to manage its content. With hands-on content management, you and your team can provide your audiences with up-to-date, relevant information. With the right content management system in place, you’ll never have to wait for another department or outside firm to find the time on their calendar to handle your update needs.


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