How We Do It

Redefine Your Institution through Strategic Discovery, Creative, Production and Implementation

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!

Although we are a creative firm, our approach is structured to maximize the benefits of our client's unique situation. Our methodical approach to your creative solution is a creative process unto itself. We create the questions to ask, the approach, the techniques, the order and so on.

We Analyze and Review Your Situation

Before we establish and create solutions, we work through a discovery process that gives us concrete answers upon which we redefine your Brand Marketing Communications. It is important to us that your solutions are tailored specifically to answer your needs. 

In today’s unpredictable marketplace, we understand and respect our clients’ budgeted resources for research. Our extensive backgrounds and thirty-plus years of experience give us the know-how to retrieve the necessary information upon which to base our strategic approach for our creative solutions.

We uncover the answers we need through the following processes:

  • Quantitative Research + Analysis
  • Qualitative Research + Analysis
  • Audience Evaluation + Analysis
  • Analysis of client’s position in the marketplace
  • Analysis of client’s Brand Identity
  • Analysis of client’s current marketing tools

We Take a Strategic Approach to Your Creative Solution

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!Once our questions have been answered, we develop a strategic approach to the methodology we will use to solve your brand marketing communication needs.

The approach to any project, no matter the budget or timetable, includes the following:

  • Utilization of the research, reviews, interviews and analysis
  • Review of target markets, competitors, products
  • Review of existing marketing communications avenues
  • Adherence to the marketing communications budget parameters
  • Turnkey project management

We Develop Your Targeted Creative

We call it “targeted” creative because we create your brand marketing communications solution based on the analysis and review of your needs. We develop, create, design and write solutions specifically targeted to your unique marketing communications needs.

  • Memorable positioning direction
  • Development of targeted creative brand message
  • Theme direction, creative conceptualization, art direction
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting, copyediting
  • Photography, illustration
  • Production of all traditional and digital layouts for client review
  • Design and art direction of all typography
  • Art direction, creative direction and digital production of all graphics

Brand Marketing Communications Solutions Focused on Your Results

Our team at Set?Communicate! built our reputation on standout creative marketing campaigns which are firmly rooted in brand marketing strategies that support our clients' marketing communications needs. We work to learn what makes your institution unique in your marketplace before we make creative solution recommendations on how to solve your brand marketing communications needs.

Assess and Redefine Your Strategic Brand Marketing Goals and Implementation

Now is the time to examine and redefine your institution’s approach to its strategic brand marketing. You have target audiences wanting to engage and act upon your institution’s unique brand message. Why keep them waiting?

Work with a Firm Known for Experience and Flexibility

At Set?Communicate!, our flexibility to work within your particular situation stands as an advantage when you need to examine your strategic brand marketing components. We adapt our vast knowledge and experience to meet your institution's unique priorities and budget requirements. 

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