Creative Higher Education Marketing

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!

At Set?Communicate!, we redefine our clients by generating effective, full-service integrated marketing solutions. Our extensive experience in higher education, independent and private schools and churches enables our firm to:

  • Create the image to command the market.
  • Change outdated perceptions.
  • Redefine images.
  • Introduce new programs and strengths.
  • Increase market share.
  • Carve a niche.
  • Focus on success.

Defined by our Set?Communicate! results-oriented philosophy, we provide strategy, marketing insight and marketing programs that culminate with unique solutions that take our clients to the next level in their marketing communications plan. Our firm’s broad expertise includes the planning, designing and writing collateral programs, websites, direct marketing, admissions recruiting and development campaigns, advertising campaigns and corporate identity programs.

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!

Marketing Communications Focused on Your Results

We create standout creative campaigns that are firmly rooted in a marketing strategy which begins with learning the who, what, when and where of our clients. We ask questions as we work to learn what makes our clients unique in the market before we make recommendations to solve problems and reach goals.
We begin by asking questions and listening. Our clients are the experts at understanding their problems, objectives, opportunities and goals. We learn from their experience and they attain their current goals. Once we have answers, we study our clients’ stated goals and suggest new ones. Existing marketing objectives can often be refined to become more accurate, reasonable and attainable within set time frames and budgets. In some cases, simply outlining goals for the first time is the appropriate starting point.

We become grounded in our clients’ institution, product or service so we can help move them in the right direction to attain their goals.

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!

We conduct qualitative market research and, as needed, utilize specialists to conduct quantitative research to help find the answers necessary for success. We work toward understanding institutions, products, or industries and their current position in the marketplace.

Redefine Your Position in the Marketplace.

At Set?Communicate!, we find what differentiates our clients from their competitors and then position them to maximize their strengths.

Strategically speaking, this process includes auditing the existing materials, programs, competition and market position. It includes evaluating audiences and their motivators, interests, habits, lifestyles—these indicators help us maneuver our clients toward successful results.

After the initial evaluation stage, marketing strategy development takes place. An appropriate, well-executed strategy of how to reach the stated goals and objectives keeps the proper focus on our clients’ results.

Redefine Your Institution at Set?Communicate!

We recommend marketing communications tactics that will most effectively and uniquely redefine our clients’ objectives and goals. At Set?Communicate!, we know an effective message involves more than defining proper objectives, strategy and audience. An effective message means executing it with the appropriate creative concept and theme. We make our clients’ message unique and memorable.

We create a concept and theme that specifically suits our clients’ institution, company, product or service — we create to achieve positive results.

Our creative solutions stand out from the clutter of other institutions' messages, so our clients and their stories can be heard. The unique stories of our client institutions, companies, products, or services must be heard by their audiences. We make that happen.

Exceptional Creative Solutions Make Your Message Heard.

Creative can be powerful. With it, we strengthen positioning, enhance image, increase awareness, create a need and influence the bottom line. But first, it must impact its intended audience. At Set?Communicate!, we excel at our creative expertise.

Redefine Your Institution.

We maintain a diverse Set?Communicate! client base. The problems we solve for clients in a multitude of different industries keep our ideas fresh, innovative and effective. As we regularly solve new problems and expose ourselves to different challenges, we drive our marketing and creative processes to achieve exclusive communications solutions for our clients.

We don’t settle for the easy off-the-shelf standard approach. Neither should you. We treat you and your scenario individually. We maintain focus on you and your custom-created results. 


  • Carolinas College of Health Sciences Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    Carolinas College
  • Concordia College Alabama Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
  • Macon State College Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    Macon State
  • Mississippi Valley State University Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    Mississippi Valley
  • Levine Honors Scholarship Program at UNC Charlotte Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    Levine Scholars
  • Wingate University Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
  • Lees-McRae College Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
  • College of St. Joseph Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    College of St. Joseph
  • Johnson C. Smith University Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    Johnson C. Smith
  • Bennett College for Women Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
  • College of St. Joseph Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate
    College of St. Joseph
  • Lees-McRae College Redefined its Institution at Set?Communicate

We Welcome the Opportunity to Differentiate You.

To see how your institution, company or product can utilize your greatest strengths and attributes in an effective integrated marketing communications program, contact us today. Focus on your results. Contact Set?Communicate! at 704-332-4624.


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